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     In accord with its Regulations the aim of the Hellenic Folklore Research Centre is as follows: Firstly, to collect folklore material of every kind and to publish it.  In particular, its aims are in accord with those pursued by similar scholarly institutions in other countries, as formulated in the decree of the Folklore Conference held in Lund in 1935 (see Zeitschrift für Volkskunde, Bd/6, p. 314).  These aims are:

     To collect all published texts on folk culture, to extract any relevant information and to compile bibliographies.

     To enrich unpublished material drawn from oral tradition through fieldwork conducted by its research staff, through the institution of competitions, through the circulation of questionnaires to institutions or individuals, e.t.c.

     To preserve in their original form or in copy the texts of the Folklore Collections of the Centre.

     To classify into separate archives the folklore material which has been extracted so that it is accessible to researchers by subject.

     To publish the Annual of the Centre.  This publishes studies written by researchers working at the Centre.  The Centre also publishes independent scholarly publications in the form of books, maps, records, DVDs, etc.